Alvin's Baking Journey: A Chicago Bakery Tradition

Alvin, the heart and soul behind Al's Cookie Mixx, hails from a lineage of exceptional cooks. His journey into the world of baking began at the tender age of 6, right here in Chicago. Since then, his path has been paved with love, dedication, and a sprinkle of local Chicago charm, making Al's Cookie Mixx a beloved local Chicago cookie shop.


Cookies with Care: The Birth of Al's Cookie Mixx

Born from Alvin's lifelong love of cooking and deep-rooted family values, Al's Cookie Mixx stands as a testament to passion transforming into purpose. Leaving a career in logistics, Alvin ventured into the culinary world, first with a catering company and then as a cherished private chef. His cookies, a blend of tradition and love, quickly became a favorite among locals. "Alvin's cookies aren't just food; they're a piece of his heart. You can taste the love in every bite," shares Emily R., a long-time customer.


Cookies Become Our Love Language 

For Alvin, cookies are more than just a sweet treat; they became a bridge to connect with his youngest son, Aiden, who lives with Autism. Alvin's pivot from full-time catering to a more flexible role was not just a career choice but a mission to be there for Aiden and become an advocate for special needs children and adults. "Seeing Alvin's dedication to both his craft and his cause has been truly inspiring. His shop isn’t just a bakery; it’s a beacon of hope for many," remarks John L., a local advocate.

From Our Oven To Your Doorsteps 

Al's Cookie Mixx is more than a Chicago bakery; it's a vision for a more inclusive future. Alvin aims to provide employment opportunities for Aiden and his friends, addressing the critical question, "What happens after the bus stops coming?" With every cookie sold, Al's Cookie Mixx is baking a difference, blending Chicago bakery traditions with a profound mission.

"Every purchase feels like I'm contributing to a larger cause. Plus, the cookies are absolutely delicious! It’s amazing to see a local Chicago cookie shop making such an impact," says Maria G., a frequent customer.