Alvin comes from a family of great cooks. He has been baking cookies since he was 6 years old 

Cookies with Care

Al's Cookie Mixx is born of LOVE. Alvin's lifelong love of cooking and his love of family and his special angel, Aiden. Alvin has been baking cookies since he was 6 years old. He has always baked and cooked with Love. Friends and family often encouraged him to turn his passion for cooking into a career and he left his career in logistics to open a catering company and later worked as a private chef. His cookies were always a customer favorite.

 Cookies Become Our Love Language 

Alvin's youngest son, Aiden lives with Autism. He was diagnosed shortly before his third birthday. Alvin stopped catering full time so he could be available to take Aiden to his many therapies. Alvin became part of a community of parents that would share information and help one another navigate through caring for and advocating for their children with special needs. Through this journey, Alvin became an advocate for special needs children and adults, referring to them as our kids.

From Our Oven To Your Doorsteps 

As children with special needs mature, parents are faced with the question "what happens after the bus stops coming?", which is generally at the end of the school following their 22nd birthday. Alvin and his family wanted to create an opportunity for Aiden and his friends in the community to work.